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Heirloom Harvest farms 20 acres of land behind Saint Luke's Cemetery in Westborough. The Heirloom Harvest farmer is John Mitchell, who is starting his seventh season farming.

Special thanks is due to Father George Lange of Saint Luke's Parish in Westborough, for his good will and patience in allowing organic farmers the opportunity to create their vision of environmentally sound, community-oriented farming on the church-owned farmland surrounded on three sides by the Great Cedar Swamp, and one side by the cemetery.

Drive through the country and you'll probably see the monocropping practices of the conventionally farmed landscape. Walk through the fields of a CSA farm and you'll see the cropping diversity of what an old-fashioned market garden would have looked like. Maybe you'll see someone you know volunteering in the fields. If you choose to volunteer, maybe you or your children will make new friends and get the advantage of experiencing the constantly growing, changing landscape that is a working farm.